Between advertising and health

Special offers and new products lure, from the packs shine the most different promises. But what about the food? Most are behind elaborate advertising and art names no more than well-known products. It is said to look closely, advises the DAK.

Behind sonorous terms on the ingredient lists is usually just sugar. Sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin or corn syrup are sugars. Even the supposedly healthy muesli bar can turn out to be sweet as fast. Foods that have no information about their composition should better be left on the shelf. "The biggest danger for consumers is that most products are not easy to understand what they are made of, " said Hella Thomas, nutrition expert at DAK.

As a rule of thumb when shopping generally applies: Buy as natural as possible, always choose low-calorie and low-fat variants. So also with dairy products, cheese and sausage. However, light products are only conditionally recommendable, because only because "light" is on the packaging, they are not always low in calories. A Light Mettwurst may even have more fat and calories than ham or poultry cuts. And: Often they contain many artificial additives.

It's worth taking a look

Especially with the bread worth a close comparison, because most varieties are made today from white flour and the dough simply dark colored. Again, a look at the list of ingredients helps. Sausages such as salami, tea sausage, red sausage, liver sausage and liver pate are especially fatty. Even with juices caution, because a glass of pure apple juice (even without added sugar) has as many calories as a glass of cola.

And for the healthy pantry, deep-frozen fruit and vegetables have nearly as much vitamins, nutrients and taste as fresh ones. It is different with glasses and cans, because they are preserved by heat, which destroys heat-sensitive vitamins.

Small merchandise

  • Frozen vegetables and frozen bread have no fewer vitamins or nutrients than their fresh counterparts.
  • Above all, sugar hides behind terms that end with "-ose", "-dextrin" and "syrup".
  • "Light" is not always low in calories. Again, compare: Fat and calorie content.
  • Dark breads are often colored and do not contain more fiber than others. Whole wheat bread is marked in the nutritional table.
  • Because of its high fruit content, fruit juice is healthier than fruit juice drinks or fruit nectars - but should be mixed with water.
  • The fat content of cheese is calculated on the basis of the dry matter (= cheese without water) (= fat i.Tr.) Cheese of the double cream stage has the highest fat content, followed by cream stage, full fat level to lean level.
  • Many supermarkets have red or yellow light in the sausage and cheese departments, which makes the food look fresher.
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