Two phases of the Montignac method

The Montignac method is divided into two phases. In phase one, the weight should first be reduced. Only foods with a low Glyx Index may be consumed. Potatoes, rice and pasta are taboo. "Good" carbohydrates with a Glyx index between 35 and 50 should not be combined with fat, while there are no restrictions on fats and proteins alone. Fruit is allowed, only strong coffee and alcohol should be avoided. Michel Montignac also asks for food without stress and time pressure.

Method Montignac: Losing weight and recovery

In addition to weight loss, a recovery of the insulin-producing pancreas should be achieved. According to Michel Montignac, this is overstretched in many people, especially in industrialized countries. The length of phase one of a Montignac diet depends on each one and depends on when the first successes in weight loss are recorded.

The second phase of the diet is used to stabilize the body weight after the first weight loss. Although the new habits of nutrition should be maintained and if possible only "good" carbohydrates should be consumed. But the consumption of potatoes is allowed now and then, when balancing with especially diet-priced foods during the same meal.

Montignac Diet: Scientists skeptical

Although all foods can be eaten, according to many nutritionists, the Montignac method provides too much fat and too much protein. The protein content is ten percent above the recommended value of 20 percent, which may cause damage to the kidney over a longer period of time. In case of known renal diseases, a doctor should therefore be consulted in any case before starting the Montignac diet.

The fat content is relatively high at 30 percent, while the carbohydrate content is only 40 percent, well below the recommended 50 to 60 percent "normal" mixed food. The glycemic index should not be considered in isolation, according to medical experts, as different influences can cause a change in blood sugar levels and this is individually different anyway.

In addition, most foods are not eaten in isolation, but combined with others. This combination of several foods also changes the Glyx Index. The individual values ​​can not be simply added, which is the Montignac method is critical.

In addition, scientists criticize that the Glyx Index is given too much importance. Most nutritionists argue that in addition to carbohydrates, fat and protein also play a role in weight gain, as does calorie count. If a negative energy balance is reported at the end, more calories were burned than absorbed. Only then could a weight reduction be achieved.

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