Two minutes clothes check against cold

"Get dressed warm, or you'll catch cold!" Everyone knows this advice. Especially in autumn and late summer, when the days are getting shorter and the evenings colder, this tip proves itself. It does not necessarily depend on very warm clothes. It is important that for a sudden drop in temperature, an additional garment at hand, because hypothermia increases the risk of cold. Has proven particularly the "onion look". The following checklist will help you to check if the right choice of clothes has been made before leaving the house.

1) Upper body in the "onion look"

A T-shirt alone is not enough anymore. However, those who dress too hot will sweat and the body will also cool down. It is best to dress according to the onion principle and to wear several thin, breathable layers of clothing on top of each other in a flexible way: instead of the thick wool pullover, it is better to wear a long-sleeved shirt with a thin sweater over it. The shirt is not solo but a singlet or shirt underneath it. Instead of the warm winter jacket, a vest protects the upper body from the cold.

2) Tights to the skirt

To keep your legs warm it makes sense to wear tights for the skirt. In case of cases, it can also be easily taken in the purse.

3) Long pants

Even if the shorts in the wardrobe are still at the top, the long pants should now be brought out again. For the day light fabrics, in the evening recommend the warmer.

4) Closed shoes

In order to avoid a cold, it is particularly important to avoid cold feet. Therefore, opt for the evening beer garden visit rather closed shoes instead of the usual even on hot days flip-flops.

5) take umbrella with you

If you are surprised on the way by a rain shower and can not change immediately, the cold is not far. Therefore, wrap up an umbrella or weatherproof clothing.

Extra tips

  1. Blow dry hair: damp hair strains the defense. The temperatures are not so warm in late summer that your hair will dry itself in no time.
  2. Warm things in hand luggage: On the way to vacation? The plane is a cold trap. Rather than putting your sweater or jacket in your suitcase, put it in your hand luggage. Also in the train should be an additional piece of clothing handy, so you do not get cold.
  3. Proper sportswear: Especially in changeable weather, it is important to wear the right clothing in the outdoors - be it during sports or hiking - to protect against colds. Here, too, the "onion principle" applies: several thin layers should be carried on top of each other. The individual layers should consist of breathable material. This prevents heat accumulation and transports sweat outwards. Sweaty clothes arrive at the destination immediately take off, otherwise the body cools quickly and the risk of catching a cold increases.
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