Preparation of food in the microwave - tips

Tips for cooking in the microwave

  • The dishes should be heated to at least 70 ° C to kill harmful microorganisms (eg salmonella).
  • Salt the food only after cooking, salt removes moisture from the food, which dries up the surface.
  • For the cooking process, no addition of fat is necessary, only for low-liquid food, some water must be added.
  • For longer cooking times, it is advisable to turn the cooking vessel once through 180 degrees and to turn or stir the food.
  • Microwaveable dishes must be used for heating and cooking. z. As glass vessels, porcelain, earthenware, ceramics (with glaze) and microwaveable plastic containers.
  • By covering the food during the heating or cooking process drying of the food is prevented.

Health evaluation of microwaves

Health concerns about microwave ovens are primarily related to possible changes due to the waves in the food. But also a direct harmful effect emerging microwaves on the human organism is feared.

Nutrient losses due to the fast wave? Microwaves can not cause direct cell-altering effects due to their low energy. However, heating in the microwave, as well as cooking on the stove, destroys some ingredients (eg heat-sensitive vitamins). Due to the short preparation time, however, the losses are much lower than when cooking. Since little or no water is added for cooking in the microwave, the loss due to the passage of certain nutrients (eg minerals and trace elements) into the cooking fluid is also less.

Health hazard due to microwaves? Some consumers fear a risk from escaping electromagnetic radiation, so-called "leakage radiation". However, the microwave radiation that can be detected outside the appliance is extremely low, provided that the protective devices on the appliance function properly (eg tight-closing door, automatic shut-off when the door is opened).


The microwave oven is an important addition to the conventional cooking appliances. In particular, for single and small households so that a cost and time-saving food preparation is possible. Health concerns about microwave technology have not yet been confirmed.

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