Lemon juice diet

With the lemon juice diet one should decrease with the help of lemon juice or lemon water. The diluted or undiluted lemon juice should be drunk several times a day. This is supposed to activate the fat burning and let the kilos tumble. The methods to lose weight with lemon juice are as varied as the rumors about the effectiveness of lemon juice. Thus, the vitamin C fat should disappear or enzymes to boost the metabolism. Every rumor has a true core: lemon juice is healthy, that much is clear.

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The lemon juice diet comes in several forms: it ranges from instructions such as "Drink the juice 4 lemons a day and eat normally" to "daily dilute the juice of 3-8 lemons with more than 2 liters of water, with over 15 Tablespoons add maple syrup and cayenne pepper and do not eat anything at all ".

For example, lemon juice, as a natural appetite suppressant, as well as certain teas or spices, can help to reduce cravings. Lemon juice contains enzymes that allow our body to form collagen and protect cells from aging. In addition, the contained vitamin C is a building block for L-carnitine. L-carnitine plays an important role in the fat metabolism in the muscles.

Drinking several liters of lemon juice or water may result in increased water excretion. In addition, stomach discomfort and an unpleasant mouthfeel may occur. These factors can lead to a slight weight loss. However, the vitamins and enzymes contained in lemon juice have no direct effect on fat burning.

experts Conclusion

Neither fasting with lemon juice and maple syrup nor supplementing the diet with a glass of lemon juice daily will result in a sustained and healthy weight loss. With the fasting method (lemonade diet), the calorie intake is very low, so that a weight loss is possible. However, this is not of long duration, because after fasting the yo-yo effect quickly beats.

When fasting, whether with tea or lemon water, a lot of muscle mass is lost and the metabolism fatigues. So there is a risk that after fasting increases quickly and consumes fewer calories than before the diet. Drinking lemon juice as a metabolism booster is also dubious. Although lemon juice has many positive qualities, it does not help with weight loss alone.

Losing weight counts a negative energy balance, ie to consume more calories than you take. A lemon juice diet does not make sense, unless you also change your diet and reduce the total calorie intake.

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