Braces for adults

A radiantly beautiful smile convinces - with or without braces. However, many adults do not dare to smile with their mouths open due to malpositioning of their teeth. But healthy and straight teeth are not just a question of aesthetics. Strong malpositions of teeth can lead to long-term negative consequences for the health. Therefore, in severe cases it may also be advisable in adults to use braces.

More and more adults with braces

A teenager with braces is not a rare sight. However, if an adult's wire strikes the teeth, most people cut short. But just in recent years, the number of adults who wear braces, increased significantly. The reason for this is a change in attitude to one's own health, the awareness of the thorough care of the teeth has strengthened. There are certain arguments in favor of using the possibilities of braces for tooth correction even after the age of 18 years.

Braces can increase quality of life

Those who have crooked teeth often have a problem with self-confidence. But in addition to psychological stress also often health problems, which can be a result of malocclusion, play a major role. Dentistry today has a variety of modern tooth correction techniques.

Even if teeth have little or no deformity during adolescence, this can change over time. Individual teeth may shift, resulting in small gaps in the teeth, which in turn can lead to crowding of the teeth. Problems with biting, chewing and speaking can be possible consequences. But also pain in the head and jaw can be favored by crooked teeth.

Teeth grinding as a problem

By the way, dentists see a big problem with adults when they grind their teeth. Anyone who grits with his teeth not only uses them, but can also promote shifts and misalignments.

However, the costs of braces for adults are usually not covered by the statutory health insurance. Unless it is an extreme malocclusion or a combined orthodontic-orthodontic treatment from a health point of view. The cost of braces in adults depends on the length of treatment and the technique.

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