Braces also in demand for older people

It is never too late: This also applies to the correction of the dentition. With the help of braces, the teeth can be kept straight for life - and more and more adults are making use of the possibilities of modern orthodontics. Like Ingrid Veldmann. The 52-year-old wears her braces confidently and is thrilled with the result of the treatment, as reported in the interview with proDente.

Why did you opt for braces with braces right now?

After my wisdom teeth were pulled when I was about 30, my teeth slowly but surely shifted. Gaps have arisen, the bite was no longer correct and the appearance also bothered me a lot. The incisors had moved forward and I always had lipstick on my teeth, which was very uncomfortable. I finally felt so uncomfortable that I really wanted to do something. My friend, who is a dental technician, has advised me - for the sake of the health of my teeth. So I asked the orthodontist, who was treating my son at the time, what you can do there. She made me the tight clasp I've been wearing for 13 months now.

Why is tooth correction so important to you?

I always pay attention to my teeth - and if you can make sure that you stay healthy for as long as possible, you should do that, in my opinion. The displaced teeth can be maintained worse and are therefore more vulnerable, they also take damage from the wrong biting. And of course, it's also about aesthetics, after all, a nice bit of denture makes a lot when it comes to the first impression on other people.

Did you find it difficult to decide on a brace?

Not really. I had a clear goal in mind, and the period of treatment is foreseeable. I'll probably be ready in a few months, and the result is really impressive. Incidentally, I am by no means the oldest patient with my orthodontist, which is already 70!

How has your environment reacted to your braces?

At first, some people already looked at me in astonishment because they simply could not understand why someone of my age wears a brace. I was also approached and asked about it. Meanwhile, a friend who has similar problems with her teeth as me, also wearing a clasp. And lately I've seen more and more "elderly" people with it. My son thinks it's great, and having my grandchild on my arm is a funny thing, like a grandmother with braces.

And how do you feel about the clasp yourself?

I got used to it pretty quickly, it does not bother me. I have been made aware, however, that I probably unconsciously hold my hand over my mouth when laughing - I just do not want to be constantly addressed on the clasp. It is a bit uncomfortable, if food remains stuck in the clasp, then you have to brush your teeth quickly. But it also has its good side: people no longer shy away from slipping any small meals or even sweets into their mouths - and that benefits their teeth again and makes themselves noticeable on the scales.

Would you decide for a clasp again?

In any case. The result really speaks for itself. If the teeth are in themselves and are just wrong, you should definitely take the chance to have it corrected with a clasp. This improves the dental health and just looks much better.

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