Dental care in children - tips and tricks

Playful approaches such as toothbrushing with a fun tune that indicates the length of the dental care as well as motivation and reward from the parents can teach children the benefit and fun of brushing teeth early on. Even more important, however, is the role model function. Children instinctively imitate the behavior of their parents and with the right model, daily dental care becomes a solid ritual after eating. Since children have a relatively short attention span, the two minutes of dental care and the right technique can quickly be forgotten. Therefore, parents should check the dental care and, if necessary, "clean up".

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on how brushing your teeth can be attractive and fun for kids:

  • Joint brushing of all family members in the evening brings fun and strengthens the sense of us and thus also the role model.
  • A toothbrush or a special timer with different colored lights, the duration of tooth brushing before and extends the attention span of the child.
  • Children are also allowed to brush their teeth, which increases their awareness and willingness to allow their parents to "clean up" their own teeth.
  • Alternating with the right hand, sometimes with the left hand, requires concentration and time flies by.
  • Check the result of the cleaning process with plaque-dyeing tablets. The red colored areas visualize where you still have to clean and document the success of dental care.

With the right dental care the regular check-up at the dentist becomes child's play. Starting at the age of two years, regular preventive check-ups should be started. The sooner the check-ups become routine, the better it can prevent tooth decay and malpositions. In order to reduce the fear of the child, many practices have adapted to the young patients. By explaining, touching and the reassuring presence of parents, the visit to the dentist becomes a positive experience.

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