Dental care in children

Making tooth care attractive to children is not an easy task. The daily brushing can quickly become agony and degenerate into a power struggle between unwilling child and annoyed parents. An early and above all informal introduction to the daily brushing helps to avoid such a situation and can even give the child fun in the dental care. Because the earlier it becomes routine, the smaller the risk of painful caries and the more fearless is the regular check-up appointment with the dentist.

Anyone who wants to become a master early on - this saying also applies to dental care. Even the first tooth should be carefully cleaned daily with a cotton swab and water, because even vials and porridge bring carbohydrates and sugar into the mouth and can damage the teeth. If the toddler then has a large part of his teeth, it should own his own baby toothbrush with soft bristles for daily care.

Important are the following criteria:

  • A small brush head adapted to the Kindermund
  • Soft rounded bristles that will not hurt the sensitive gums and straight-cut teeth
  • a comfortable, handle - triangular shape - which is easy and safe to grip for children's hands.

Important: Especially children's toothbrushes should be replaced every two to three months and used exclusively by the child to prevent illness.

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