Dental Health: Tips for Dental Care

Anyone who adheres to certain rules in terms of nutrition and dental care, has a good chance to have good and healthy teeth until old age. Although, according to the 2007 Robert Koch Institute's health report, about three quarters of all Germans have good oral hygiene habits, about 25 percent remain, for which this is not the case - a figure that still needs to be reduced.

17 dental care tips

Here are some tips on what you can do for the health of your teeth and thus of the whole organism:

  1. Brush your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste at least twice a day, about half an hour after eating
  2. Clean the interdental spaces with dental floss and / or interdental brushes - at least once a day in the evening
  3. It is also best to clean the tongue - at least once a day in the evening
  4. Regularly renew the toothbrush - at least once a quarter, at the latest when the bristles are pointing in all directions
  5. Clean your teeth after eating sweets.
  6. You do not have a toothbrush at hand after a snack or while traveling? Then chew sugar-free dental care chewing gum
  7. To the dentist at least twice a year, for changes to the gums or other problems in the oral cavity as soon as possible.
  8. Professional dental prophylaxis, preferably twice a year (even if the health insurance companies only partially or completely do not cover the costs)
  9. Choose healthy, tooth-shaped sweets labeled with a tooth-man.
  10. Avoid over-frequent snacking. After a snack, it is advisable to clean the teeth with a tooth-chewing gum.
  11. Rather grab mineral water instead of sugary sodas and sweetened fruit juices. Tip: If you can not do without it, you should drink sugary or acidic drinks as quickly as possible. A long residence time in the mouth allows the bacteria to process the sugar and convert it into tooth-damaging acids.
  12. Always drink a sip of water after each glass of juice. Wait about half an hour with brushing your teeth so that you do not brush away the enamel that has been dissolved by the acids.
  13. Eat varied and balanced.
  14. Take plenty of solid foods such as wholegrain bread, fruits and raw vegetables. The intense chewing means gymnastics for the tooth bed.
  15. Consume plenty of calcium-containing foods
  16. Use fluoridated salt. Fluorides cure the enamel and protect it from acid attack.
  17. Chew the food carefully. The chewing process produces saliva that cleanses the teeth.
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