Dental health - more than healthy teeth

In recent years, scientists have discovered numerous interactions between our mouth and the whole organism. Disorders of the gums and teeth can increase the risk of general diseases and increase the risk of premature birth. Weighty reasons to treat mouth and teeth with care. Slowly it gets around: Regular dental care and oral hygiene not only help to a radiant smile and delicious kisses, but also prevent numerous diseases.

Poor oral hygiene favors spread of disease

The most common diseases in the oral cavity are caries, ie the disease of hard tooth tissues, and periodontitis, an inflammation of the periodontium - the spread of which is mainly conditioned by our lifestyle with high sugar, alcohol and tobacco consumption. These chronic processes destroy the gums and teeth, causing pain and bad breath.

Longer duration leads to tooth loss - with consequences for the nutritional behavior. But that's not all: bad oral hygiene also increases the risk of malignant tumors in the oral cavity.

The bacteria nest in the interdental spaces and periodontal pockets and trigger a permanent inflammatory response. This means that our immune system is constantly running at full speed to kill the germs. On the other hand, inflammatory substances can enter the bloodstream - and thus virtually all places in the organism. The result: The risk of a heart attack or stroke increases, a diabetes mellitus can be worsened.

Also for chronic respiratory diseases and the metabolic syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases and diseases of muscles and bones, in particular rheumatic disorders, a connection with dental problems seems to exist.

Prevention - but right

Numerous studies have not only shown these relationships in recent years, but also demonstrated that, conversely, improved oral hygiene and early and adequate treatment of oral diseases reduces the risk of general medical conditions.

Diabetics and pregnant women affected

In particular, diabetics benefit from the elimination of periodontal disease: the fact that the source of infection and inflammation in the oral cavity is reduced, less bacteria and inflammatory cells enter the bloodstream, which in turn improves the insulin action.

But with improved oral health also slows the vascular calcification (atherosclerosis) and the risk of increased blood clotting decreases again.

Nursing mothers are advised to pay close attention to their oral hygiene during pregnancy. Scientists suspect that there is a connection between inflammation of the mouth and premature labor or rupture of membranes, so that the risk of a premature birth with a too low weight of the baby increases.

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