Desired caesarean section - advantages and disadvantages

Mental border experience versus planning security

The proponents of natural childbirth also point out that women are denied an elemental event through the procedure that they are unlikely to experience again in this form. Not only that a natural birth could provide them with insights into the tremendous power of their female body. The experience of a natural birth was also an experience that could touch the people in depth and show him a new emotional horizon. What a mother's psychological consequences are if she does not submit to natural cycles and wait for her child to signal that it's time - no one knows for sure.

It is certainly certain that surgically delivering women are denied the happiness of "normal birth" induced by endorphins and oxytocin, and that caesarean surgery is difficult to achieve the intimacy of a self-determined birth, which can be achieved with the partner at home, in the birth house or in a clinic.

On the one hand, for example, women with the need to expose the desired child, who may also remain the only child, no risk. On the other hand, the obstetricians, who also carry out a risk assessment. They are the fear of millions of complaints in the neck when babies carry off after a late-initiated caesarean disability. Last but not least, scheduling is also an issue for the medical profession, because the desired Caesarean section is in any case the faster and more calculable birth in everyday clinical practice.

Loss of sexual sensibility: a taboo

What moves the woman of today as well is the fear of losing her sexual sensitivity and of later incontinence. Because during the birth of the pelvic floor is greatly stretched and can thereby lose tension. In the worst case, the control of the bladder and intestine is lost. Loose vaginal muscles can affect sexuality.

But here, too, women do not have to stand idly by. You can effectively prevent later incontinence with a consistent pelvic floor workout and train their vaginal muscles. Post-partum recovery courses, in which effective gymnastic exercises (even at home) are shown, have long been established and are usually paid by the health insurance companies without any problems.

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