Desired Caesarean Section - The Birth: Actually a natural process

As a procedure without medical necessity, however, the desired caesarean section is also heavily controversial and is rejected by proponents of a natural birth. Because a caesarean section has all the risks of a major surgery, such as the risk of thrombosis.

Disadvantages of a Caesarian section

The disadvantage for the mother is that she recovers much more slowly after the procedure and can not look after her child as well as after a normal birth. In addition, she has to stay longer in the hospital for longer.

Caesarean children are more likely to experience respiratory adjustment problems and sometimes require medical monitoring right after birth. They are more likely to develop respiratory distress syndrome than children who are born "naturally" at the same time of pregnancy, and there is a risk that the child may incur cuts during surgery.

The birth - actually a natural process

The Federation of Freelance Midwives Germany eV criticizes the "trend birth" as a highly dubious procedure, which is performed on the back of unsettled women and our health care system, which is currently the cost of the caesarean section completely. According to the WHO, the midwife is still the appropriate specialist for pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.

On the other hand, there is a trend towards an ever stronger mechanization of the birthing process. In the meantime, a quarter of all children in Germany are born in the operating theater. The freelance midwives criticize in this context that women who rely on the care of a midwife during pregnancy alone or want to give birth at home or in a birth center, often get the caring gynecologists suggesting that they are their child and themselves endanger yourself.

The cost issue is not insignificant according to the federal government. Since the acknowledgment of the wish sectio by the German society for gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG) the wish of the woman after a caesarean section is sufficient to pay legal and private health insurance (3, 000 euros, twice as high as a normal hospital birth).
Women who opt for a delivery outside the hospital with a midwife would normally have to pay for themselves. Most legally insured women have to pay the running costs of the birth house (150 to 500 euros) themselves, the midwife's on-call duty (150 to 300 euros) they always pay.

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