Cesarean section - The fear of natural birth is reversed

Caesarean section is now one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide. Especially in America, the cesarean section has already become a kind of lifestyle surgery on request. There caesarean fans call under the motto "Preserve your lovechannel, take a caesarean!" Women do not risk their sexual sensitivity by natural birth. In Germany, too, the "willingness to tolerate" of the woman giving birth diminishes. Here, the proportion of Caesarian sections from 1991 to 2010 has increased continuously from 15.3 percent to 31.9 percent. And these interventions are not always a medical necessity.

Even more colorful blossoms drives the desire for the rapid birth in China and India: Here, the well-being and woe of the child is made dependent on his birth "under the right star". Superstition and Astrowahn drive the cesarean rates to enormous heights. In Latin America, everything is just a matter of money: If you hold something, release it. For example, in Rio de Janeiro about 85 percent of wealthy women opt for the operative delivery.

From emergency intervention ...

Already the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) was said to have been cut from the womb of his mother by "caesarean section" - ie with a cesarean section. And although this story probably belongs more in the field of myths and legends, Caesar (from whose name the German word "emperor" derives) thus became the namesake of this birth technique. But it was not until much later, in the 19th century, that a technique was developed in which both mother and child had a real chance of surviving the procedure.

As a large abdominal operation under general anesthesia, the Caesarean section was for a long time a procedure that was used only in an emergency, eg in the case of a wrong position of the child in the birth canal, in very long and difficult births or in premature solution of the placenta (mother cake).

... to the wish Op

Today, the caesarean section is considered a very safe procedure. Not only because of the improved surgical techniques, but above all because it gives the opportunity to numb only the abdomen and thus to dispense with a general anesthetic. Cesarean section has become attractive for women who want to give birth for a variety of reasons.

Possible reasons:

  • Fear of birth pain or pelvic floor injuries
  • Traumatic experienced earlier births
  • Desire for calculability of risks
  • Fear of impaired sexuality
  • Need for exact appointment choice.
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