Work-life balance

Stack of files on the desk, laundry mountains at home and neglected friends are now a thing of the past. With the right work-life balance and perfect time management, you can easily bring work, family and leisure together under one roof. Not only do you look relaxed and happy, you also have more time for yourself, but you also do something for your health.

Aim for work-life balance

Some people just seem to succeed. In the work, they reassure the irritated customer on the phone with angelic patience while they eat a fresh home-made sheep's cheese-fig corn salad with honey dressing on their neatly tidied desk.

After work, the partner will go to the sports, then the perfectly educated children will be picked up and conjured up a thoughtful, well-balanced 3-course meal in the spotless apartment. Despite work, family and leisure stress, people who have found their work-life balance succeed seemingly playful in optimally managing all areas of their lives and at the same time still looking relaxed.

Reconcile life

What often causes envy and lack of understanding among friends and colleagues is not rocket science. With a few simple tricks, anyone can reconcile work and family life. The term work-life balance stands for a state in which work and private life are in harmony. With a labor market where 60-hour weeks are no longer expected to be just for executives and managers and each one is closest, many people find it hard to find time for relaxation and privacy. The increasing fear for the job and the pursuit of money and career is increasingly at the expense of the family.

Simple living and downshifting

To counter this trend, many, sometimes radical movements have formed. For example, "simple living" or "downshifting" is a lifestyle that sees itself as an alternative to the consumer-oriented society. Instead of seeing shopping as a pastime or entertainment, the followers of this lifestyle buy in consciously and deliberately and distinguish between necessary acquisitions and pure desire. In this way they free themselves from money, possessions and the fast-paced, overstimulated society and concentrate again on the essential things in life.

Even some companies have now recognized that a balanced work-life balance has a positive effect on their employees. As a result, more and more workers, such as teachers or college staff, have the option of being saved for one sabbatical through overtime or various working time models.

Sabbatical instead of burnout

This results in a full year paid holiday. Instead of just standing in front of the "burnout", the employees return to their workplaces after this year mostly relaxed, energetic and full of new ideas. Family-friendliness, company kindergartens, joint company outings, teamwork seminars and a friendly working atmosphere can also help companies to work-life balance their employees.

Those who are relaxed and well-balanced, comfortable with their work and not treating them as a necessary evil but as an important part of their lives will also work more effectively and be more willing to occasionally work overtime. Once you have found this harmony, all you have to do is to skilfully organize all the tasks.

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