Living in old age - more forms of living

Assisted living communities

For people who need regular help, assisted living communities are an alternative. However, the supply in Germany is still relatively low. The inhabitants live in apartments that have been redeveloped for the elderly. In addition to a kitchen and a spacious common room each tenant has its own room. Permanent supervisors organize the household and the daily routine. Tenants who are in need of care either take care of the local staff or an outpatient nursing service.

The multigenerational house

But sometimes not only seniors, but several generations live under one roof. Such housing projects with young and old people in common are still the exception in Germany. In many ways, they are considered ideal. The aim of this multi-generation living is a communicative coexistence and mutual support: For example, working people are looking for a reliable and personal care for their offspring during working hours. Children and the elderly often have a good relationship.


More and more people want to stay as independent as possible in their old age. Classic old people's homes have therefore lost traction. However, they ensure the catering and care in case of need. There are pure dormitories where the residents manage their household independently. Nursing homes and nursing homes, on the other hand, are intended for residents who need more support. However, many homes offer all three living and care options under one roof.

residential accommodation

A majority of seniors prefer to stay in their own home even when they are older. Who adapts his apartment to possible handicaps, can often continue the household independently. Residential Advisory Centers provide assistance with more elaborate customization work. And experts reveal potential sources of danger in the home. So you can avoid falls, for example, with sufficient light and space and non-slip floors.

Total applies:

As you grow older, you probably will not get around small or big changes in everyday life. Therefore, one should take the time in time to compare offers - for example, the prices of assisted living are very different - and then decide. And why not use energy and passion for planning at the end of 50? So you are well prepared and later everything can go smoothly.

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