Living in old age

Sitting in the four walls aged? Just continue living as before? The two friends Elsa and Uta did not want that and founded a shared flat 10 years ago. Regardless of their families, they wanted to try something completely new.

Loneliness as a Risk Factor for Dementia

Defining life itself - not living alone in the anonymous block of flats - talking, playing, laughing with others. It's worth it to change again. Especially the communicative exchange is good for the mental balance and the physical health. In a study of more than 800 senior citizens, US neuropsychologists have shown that loneliness is a risk factor for dementia.

Being alone also plays a role in the development of sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders, depression, heart attacks and high blood pressure. Conversely, an intact social network appears to have a similarly positive influence on blood pressure as weight loss and regular exercise.

So it's about creating a social network. For Elsa z. For example, other people who need it mentally and physically are a motivation. The relationship between give and take should be balanced, and every resident must grow up to be self-reliant. Their coexistence is based on a balanced division of labor. "But that does not mean that you do not like helping the other person when he's ill, " says Uta.

The housemates

Important in a shared flat are retreat opportunities and community activities. Anyone planning a new flat should pay attention to the right mix of closed living areas and shared spaces. Many seniors often have a greater need for privacy than younger residents. Compared to a retirement home, WG residents can make their daily routine and their way of life much freer. You just have to stick to appointments that they agree with each other.

For senior citizen WGs require some organizational effort. Those who do not have WG enthusiasts in their circle of friends need to find co-founders who understand each other well over the years. A common life theme is a good prerequisite. This can be the desire to travel as well as the children, the former profession or the preference for art or culture.

Opportunities to get to know offer dating sites for seniors on neighborhood centers, old-age associations or housing advice. Even if WG life begins harmoniously, disagreements do not remain when pronounced personalities meet. But practicing tolerance promotes one's own development once again. An accompanying supervision can also be helpful, in which conflicts are discussed under expert guidance.

The supervised living

Here one tries to combine the advantages of the own household with those of a home. Being able to call on qualified help gives elderly security. Elderly-friendly apartments are usually found in a residential complex that is specially designed for the elderly.

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