Where does the Easter egg come from?

It is well known that the hare does not lay eggs, and therefore probably is not responsible for the colored stains we find every year at Easter in our nests. So where do the stories of the Easter bunny come from, and why are eggs given away for Easter? We will give you a brief outline of the Easter ... Easter is considered the oldest celebration of Christian churches. Originally, this feast recalled the death of Jesus Christ, not his resurrection. It is generally assumed that the word Easter was derived from the Germanic spring goddess "Ostara". More likely is the derivation of the Germanic word "ostar", which means east, ie in the direction of the rising sun.

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There are many explanations of how the Easter Bunny came into play. We just want to offer you a small selection here:

  • The spring goddess Ostara was assigned as a holy animal a hare
  • In ancient Byzantium, the hare was considered an animal symbol for Jesus Christ
  • The rabbit stands for fertility because of his many boys
  • Debtors used to pay the interest on their creditors on Maundy Thursday, which could be paid in eggs or in rabbits
  • Adults told children that the hare brings the eggs, as it is nimbler and cuter than hens and thus more believable

Whether the history of Hare really goes back to the lack of argumentation of adults or Christian symbolism, we will not be able to unravel here.

... and the Easter egg?

Again, there are several approaches:

  • The egg was, like the hare, as a means of payment
  • Eggs symbolize life, the beginning of life, purity, fertility and resurrection
  • Eggs were laid in the graves of the dead, as they, like graves, keep something hidden. Here, the reference to the resurrection of Jesus Christ becomes clear
  • The gift of an egg was considered a love gift

We hope you enjoyed our little excursion into the Easter traditions. Finally, the question remains to clarify what was first: chicken or egg, rabbit or chicken, eggs or Easter ....

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