Wobenzym N: Frequently Asked Questions about Wobenzym

Wobenzym ® N are enteric coated tablets with the following indications: Inflammation, functional, non-organic circulatory disorders. Below is a collection of common questions about Wobenzym ® N, its effects and uses. For risks and side effects read the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

When should you use Wobenzym ® N?

Wobenzym ® N is optimized for the treatment of chronic diseases and to ensure the immune balance.

When can Wobenzym ® N be recommended?

  • Venenleiden
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Injuries of all kinds
  • chronic rheumatic diseases
  • Inflammation in the ENT area
  • chronic urinary tract infections

Does Wobenzym ® N also act prophylactically?

Yes, for example in sports injuries or to strengthen the immune system in general.

How should you take the dragees from Wobenzym ® N?

The tablets should be taken throughout the day, at least half an hour before meals, or even one hour after meals, swallowed whole with plenty of fluid.

Why are dyes used in the production of Wobenzym ® N?

Dyes are used for differentiation and drug safety. If the dye is a major problem, you can wash the dragees under running water immediately before taking them without damaging the enteric coating.

What side effects can occur with Wobenzym ® N therapy?

Slightly more frequent and soft, but shaped bowel movements, increased intestinal gas leakage and rarely allergies, which subside immediately after discontinuation of the drug. In case of diarrhea, lactose should always be considered as an adjuvant. In individual cases, allergic reactions in particular can lead to severe allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock.

Why is not a dragee sufficient?

Wobenzym ® N is different from synthetic drugs: enzymes are highly sensitive, natural compounds. In order to keep them active for months, every single molecule has to be extra "packaged". That takes a lot of space. In addition, enzyme molecules are up to one hundred times larger than other drugs. In a single dragee so not very many enzymes fit into it.

Can the dose be increased?

That even makes sense sometimes. Normally, take two dragees three times a day. This is a maintenance dose that provides your organism with the necessary enzymes. With stronger complaints the body often needs more. Without fear of side effects you can support your immune system and your immune system with the triple dose. In the case of sports injuries, a shock therapy is initially recommended: 20 or more pills per day.

Why does not Wobenzym ® N work overnight?

That's because of the way it works. The strength of Wobenzym ® N lies precisely in the fact that it does not "throttle" any reactions in the body and simply suppresses symptoms. With Wobenzym ® N, the symptoms disappear when their causes have been successfully combated. Wobenzym ® N does not pretend to be a cure, Wobenzym ® N promotes healing.

Why can the symptoms initially get worse?

In chronic diseases, such an initial aggravation is typical of many natural remedies. It shows that you are on the right path and that the enzymes work: Wobenzym ® N dissolves diseased immune complexes from the tissue. Until the defense system has dealt with them, they swim more in the blood and can temporarily aggravate the symptoms.

Does Wobenzym ® N also work against pain?

Yes and no. Wobenzym ® N is not a painkiller because it does not suppress the sensation of pain. And yet it relieves pain after some time. Because enzymes probably split the tissue hormones, which sustain inflammatory reactions and which stimulate exactly those cell structures that are responsible for pain (pain receptors). In addition, Wobenzym ® N splits protein particles that have migrated into the tissue: The swelling goes back and does not affect the pain-receiving structures.

Is it allowed to take Wobenzym ® N for a long time?

This is often necessary, especially for chronic diseases. But even a long-term treatment is safe: even with longer periods of use no additional negative effects occur.

Is it possible to cover the needs of the enzyme with fresh fruits?

No, because fruits contain too few enzymes. In addition, the enzymes are decomposed in the stomach and thus ineffective. In Wobenzym ® N, the enzymes in the dragees are extra "packaged" so that the gastric juices can not harm them. Thus, the enzymes in Wobenzym® N reach the intestine without being damaged. There they are then absorbed by the body.

Do enzymes make you slim?

Unfortunately, no. Enzymes neither reduce the appetite, nor increase the metabolism and thus the calorie consumption. Healthy people do not help enzymes lose weight.

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