Winter sun - danger to the skin

Sufficient sunscreen is also important in winter, because the sun can be very intense, especially in winter sports. Do not be fooled by cold weather and a cloudy sky: the intensity of UV radiation will not be diminished. Especially in the mountains the winter sun is especially intense.

Sufficient sun protection important

Bright surfaces such as snow and ice reflect the UV rays and thus enhance the effect of the sun. For sports and outdoor games, you should therefore ensure adequate protection from the sun, because the sun-softened skin is much more sensitive to UV radiation. Agree the protection should depend on your skin type. Particularly light-sensitive people with a very light skin tone, blond or reddish hair and blue eyes need a preparation with a relatively high sun protection factor.

The skin needs fat and moisture

Dry air removes moisture from the skin. Water and fatty substances are transported from the subcutaneous tissue to the surface to prevent dehydration of the outer skin layers. The process has nothing to do with sweating. In the cold, the skin circulation is reduced. Both can cause the skin to stretch, bruise and itch. Therefore, it must be protected from the cold.

For outdoor sports you can apply a special cold protection balm. It contains fatty substances that do not harden even at low temperatures. Take a break in closed, warm rooms, it is advisable to wipe such preparations. Otherwise it may happen under the greasy film to an unpleasant heat accumulation. After staying outdoors, the skin needs moisture. Preparations with moisture-binding substances counteract the desiccation of the upper layers of the skin.

Lips need special protection

Lips have neither sebum nor sweat glands, which could provide for fat and moisture. In addition, a robust horny layer is almost completely missing. This is why lips become brittle and cracked so quickly, especially in winter, when they get cold and dehydrated. That's why lip care, most easily with a care stick, is very important.

Because the lips are also very sensitive to the sun, high sun protection factors make sense. For the stay in the mountains you should choose a SPF from 10, for daily use factor 3 is sufficient. For winter sports enthusiasts there are light protection pastes - also in color - which provide a total light protection. They are visible on the lips, which can be a desired Modegag depending on the chosen color.

Maintain your protective shield

Care and prevention for the skin are by no means exaggerated. Because with an average area of ​​1.8 square meters and a weight of 5 to 10 kilograms, it is the largest and also one of the most versatile organs of the human body. It protects us against heat, cold, solar radiation and pressure, against chemicals and pathogens.

It also prevents the ingress and egress of liquids. Water is released by the skin only specifically for heat regulation. The fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue serves as a buffer zone for the underlying organs, as cold protection and fat storage.

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