How much fat is in the cheese?

Sometimes you will find on cheese and cheese preparations the indication of the fat content level (for example lean level, double cream level), sometimes the fat content in the dry matter (fat in dry matter) is indicated. But even the indication of the absolute fat content sometimes appears. How does the consumer now know how much fat is actually in the cheese?

Meaning of fat i.Tr.

The fat content level provides information about the fat content in the dry matter (fat i.Tr.). The fat content is given in terms of dry matter, as the absolute fat content of cheese changes during storage and ripening due to evaporation of water. In the dry matter, however, it remains virtually unchanged.

Level of fat content Fat i. Tr.
Doppelrahmstufe60 - 85%
cream stageat least 50%
Full fatat least 45%
fat levelat least 40%
Three-quarters fat levelat least 30%
Half-fatat least 20%
Quarter-fatat least 10%
Magerstufeless than 10%

The absolute fat content in the cheese is lower than the fat content in the dry matter and depends on the water content in the cheese. It can be calculated by the following formulas.

Determination of the absolute fat content in cheese

  • Cream cheese = fat i.Tr. x 0.3
  • Soft cheese = fat i.Tr. x 0.5
  • Sliced ​​cheese = fat i.Tr. x 0.6
  • Hard cheese = fat i.Tr. x 0.7

Example: You buy a cheese (Gouda) with 45 percent fat i. Tr. on. The absolute fat content is: 45 percent fat i. Tr. x 0.6 = 27 g fat / 100 g. A slice of cheese (30 grams) contains, accordingly, 8.1 grams of fat.

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