How to treat shopping addiction

Shopping addiction: Therapy and help

As a first step against the purchase attacks, shopping addiction expert Inga Margraf recommends the return of credit and debit cards. In traditional consumption times such as the pre-Christmas period or the sale of shops should be avoided as possible shopping centers and shopping centers. If the shopping addiction determines the lives of those affected, professional help becomes necessary. In self-help groups, patients find support in the therapy. "Often it also helps those affected, if they get all their addictive items from the cabinets and warehouses and make a complete list of them, they always carry with them." Although the addiction can not be treated with these measures, the shopping spree is at least temporarily reduced.

Support in self-help groups

It's important to seek professional help in combating addiction, Margraf recommends. "The first step is always to admit the addiction yourself." The best way would then affected the conversation with a confidant look for and consider a therapy. Self-help groups are also important contact persons. "It's important for shopaholics to realize that I'm not alone with my problem, there are others who are in the same situation, " says Margraf. In search of therapy offers one can turn to his doctor or his health insurance.

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