How long does vitamin C stay in food?

Imagine putting 2.5 kg of lettuce, 1 kg of potatoes, 3.3 kg of apples and 1 kg of strawberries in the kitchen for two weeks at room temperature. All foods contain about 20 g of vitamin C. What do you estimate, which fruit / vegetables in the end still contains the most vitamin C?

Vitamin C content in foods

Background: Leaving a vitamin C-rich food at room temperature for too long causes the coveted vitamin to oxidize and be destroyed. This can be prevented with some fruits and vegetables by strong cooling (storage in a freezer compartment) or short-term strong heating (giving into boiling water). This is why deep-frozen or canned vegetables are sometimes richer in vitamin C than "fresh" products.

vitamin loss

However, part of the water-soluble vitamin passes into the preserving liquid. But this can also happen when washing or cooking the vegetables.
Result: After two weeks, the apples contain the most vitamin C, namely 18.4 g. Very close behind are the strawberries, which lost a bit more vitamin C, but have done better overall, as they contain more vitamin C per gram. The potatoes still contain 15 g (depending on the type of potatoes); on the other hand, the entire vitamin C of the lettuce has already evaporated after ten days.

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