How hemorrhoidal albums help

Hemorrhoids are probably the worst symptoms. Hemorrhoidal ointments are said to help against itching, burning or moaning. Haemorrhoids not only itch and burn infernally, but are also still in a place that is a taboo for many people - the anus. However, sufferers should not shy away from going to the doctor or pharmacy, because if hemorrhoids are not treated in time, they can cause permanent damage that requires surgery. In an earlier stage of the disease, however, usually a hemorrhoidal ointment or a suppository enough to get rid of the annoying itching.

Use hemorrhoidal ointment

At the latest when inflammations and wetness develop around the anus or blood is in the stool, those affected should resort to medication. A classic is the hemorrhoid ointment. As a rule, each hemorrhoidal ointment is accompanied by a special attachment for the tube. This is either elongated with several side exits or tapered with an exit front.

Before using, some cream should be spread on the attachment to facilitate insertion. Then the attachment is placed on the opening of the tube and inserted with careful turning completely into the anus. Now carefully press the tube and at the same time withdraw the hemorrhoidal ointment with continuous rotation. The cap should be cleaned after each use with hot water and a mild washing lotion.

Active ingredients in hemorrhoidal albums

Hemorrhoidal or hemorrhoidal suppositories generally contain anti-inflammatory, pain, itching, and immune system enhancers. There are herbal preparations with witch hazel, which do without cortisone or hemorrhoidal ointments with cortisone for stronger forms of complaint.

Benzocaine, cinchocaine, lidocaine and quinisocaine are often used to numb the pain. To strengthen the immune system and accelerate wound healing, Escherichia coli bacteria are sometimes added to a hemorrhoidal ointment.

Hemorrhoidal ointment against dark circles and wrinkles

Some models and Hollywood actors swear by hemorrhoidal ointment against dark circles and swollen eyes to look radiant again after a busy night's sleep. In fact, hemorrhoidal ointment helps against dark circles, because the ingredients in the cream cause the blood vessels to contract, causing the skin to decongest. As a result, bags under the eyes and dark shadows disappear under the eyes. Nevertheless, this method of treatment is not recommended, as the hemorrhoidal ointment causes the skin to dry out and thus favors the development of wrinkles.

In addition, the ingredients of a hemorrhoidal ointment are usually not suitable for the delicate facial skin. Cortisone, local anesthetics, and anti-inflammatories are not good for your skin, as they thin, dry, and even cause bleeding. Cucumber slices or envelopes of cold black tea should be used instead of a hemorrhoidal ointment against dark circles.

Prevent hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are usually associated with inflammation and wetness, resulting in itching and eczema. To prevent hemorrhoids, careful anal hygiene is essential. It is advisable to clean with lukewarm water after each use of the toilet. Then gently pat dry and treat the anal area with a care or zinc cream. In between, sitz baths or moist envelopes with chamomile can provide relief.

In general, everything has a negative effect on the hemorrhoids, which increases the internal pressure in the intestine. Those affected should avoid it:

  • Too long sitting on the toilet
  • Strong pressing during bowel movements
  • Coffee and alcohol
  • Spicy or flatulent food
  • Physical overexertion
  • Long sitting

Pregnancy and being overweight can also cause hemorrhoids, making a hemorrhoidal ointment necessary.

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