How healthy is your sleep?

By answering the following 7 questions, you can find out if you are blessed with a sound sleep or if you have a sleep disorder.

1. Are you tired at bedtime in the evening?

Yes, very (1 pts)
Yes (0 pts)
No (2 pts)
Rather awake (4 pts)

2. How long do you need to fall asleep?

I fall asleep immediately (0 pts)
I need more than 10 minutes (1 point)
I need more than 30 minutes (4 pts)

3. Do you sleep through the night?

Yes (0 pts)
Occasionally I wake up briefly (1 pt)
I am awake for a long time (3 pts)
I often can not sleep at all (4 pts)

4. Do you snore at night?

No (0 pts)
Yes (1 point)
Already respiratory arrest has been observed (5 pts) *

5. Are you awake at the desired time in the morning?

More than 60 minutes early (3 pts)
A little earlier (10 to 60 minutes) (1 pts)
Just right (0 pts)
It's not easy for me (2 pts)
It is very difficult for me (4 pts)

6. When do you feel fresh and alert after getting up?

Immediately (0 pts)
After 10 minutes (1 point)
After breakfast (2 pts)
Not until noon (4 pts)

7. If you look at the whole day, then ...

... are you fit throughout (0 pts)
... you are a bit tired at noon (1 pt)
... you are very tired at noon (2 pts)
... you are often tired during the day (3 pts)
... occasionally fall asleep unwillingly (5 pts) *


If you have less than 10 points, you will have good to average sleep. At more than 10 points your sleep is disturbed. If you have been suffering from these symptoms for some time, a visit to the doctor would be advisable. If you have more than 15 points, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Maybe then a referral to a sleep specialist or a sleep medicine center makes sense.

*) If you ticked one of the two answers marked with *, you should immediately consult a sleep specialist or a sleep medicine center.

Source: Jürgen Zulley et al., "The Little Sleep School", Herder, 8, 90 Euro

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