How successful is Tuina?

Great demand

The German Tuina Academy in Bad Füssing writes that the demand for "acupuncture without needles" is constantly increasing. "Many people are afraid of needle sticks in acupuncture, " says Dr. Sun, head physician at the German Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Bad Füssing since 1997. "Especially for children Tuina is therefore ideal. For example, in cases of acute pain, mothers can even treat their children easily but effectively after appropriate training, "says Dr. Sun.

In which symptoms is Tuina used?

The focus of the courses are the Tuina treatment of spinal disorders, joint arthrosis, infant and child diseases, sports injuries, obstetrics and gynecological diseases, stress reduction and much more. Now for the first time courses for medical laymen for the self-treatment of headaches, insomnia or stress are offered. In order to meet the demand, the German Tuina Academy together with the University of Shandong in Germany in Leipzig and in Bad Füssing trains more and more Tuina therapists. A profound knowledge of the meridians and acupuncture points is the absolute basis for a Tuina masseur.

therapeutic success

Germany's health insurance companies recently decided to allow acupuncture for the treatment of knee arthrosis and back pain. A long-term study had confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture in 60 to 70 percent of patients. Chinese studies show that Tuina's effect on the same condition is much higher, at up to 87 percent. Sun.

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