Who was James Paget?

The Briton Sir James Paget (1814-1899) was not only a gifted surgeon and pathologist, but also a brilliant speaker and scientist. His medical practice, founded in 1852, was so successful that within a short time he became the personal surgeon of Queen Victoria and, a few years later, the Prince of Wales.

Ingenious thinker

Paget's fame is also based on the description of numerous diseases - including not only the Paget's disease of the bone, but also the Paget's disease of the breast (a special form of cancer of the mammary ducts on the nipple) and the Paget-Schrötter syndrome, a thrombosis of the axillary vein. Paget is considered - together with the German pathologist Rudolf Virchow - as the founder of modern pathology.

Dazzling personality

In addition to Virchow, he had numerous other famous friends, including the French chemist and bacteriologist Louis Pasteur, the nurse and social reformer Florence Nightingale, the British zoologist Thomas Henry Huxley and Charles Darwin, the founder of modern evolutionary theory.

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