Who was Carl Spitzweg?

"The poor poet" is famous, the painter can call many: Carl Spitzweg is the speech. However, his life, from the son of rich parents who have been prescribed the academic career, to the creative mind, is unknown to most.

pharmacists years

Carl Spitzweg was born in 1808 in Munich, as second of three sons. Carl's father, Simon Spitzweg, had planned three classical paths of instruction for his sons: Simon, the eldest, was to become a merchant, Eduard, the youngest, had been appointed to the medical profession, and to Carl the profession of pharmacist.

Carl Spitzweg discovered his artistic abilities early on, but despite everything, started studying pharmacy in Munich. His apothecary was not long lasting. Deaths in the family and his own illness determined his future career.

artist years

The decision to give up his apothecary profession and become a painter, was probably during his stay in Bad Sulz. His small format genre paintings are still popular today. They show in a humorous, ironic way the world of the citizen of his time.

While painting, he was self-taught and never attended an artist academy. He is referred to as an outspoken loner. In 1885 he died of a stroke in his apartment in Munich.


In Germany, the painting pharmacist is still thought in many places: For about 70 pharmacies in Germany, he stood by his name godfather.

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