Who invented the Braille?

Braille or Braille assigns to each letter a special pattern of points that can be felt with the sense of touch. This point font is for non-viewers an indispensable means to inform themselves and to cope with everyday life. The Braille, which is also called braille or Braille, still works the same today as 155 years ago, when it was invented by Louis Braille.

Small history

Louis Braille was born in January 1809 near Paris. As a child, he hurt his eyes so much when playing that he became blind. The father sent his son to Paris, to a school for the blind. Since he was a very bright child, Louis soon tried to find a way to read as a blind person again. He came up with the idea to put points in a solid box. By variations in number and arrangement of the punching, he finally managed to represent each letter in a pattern.

Despite initial rejection, Louis Braille continued to develop his system, completing his Braille at the age of 16 in 1825: the six sublime points that allow for 64 point combinations. Louis Braille spent his entire life fighting for his script to be used. He no longer experienced the worldwide use of the point-mark developed by him, but the recognition in his native France made Braille a famous man. In 1850 Braille was officially introduced for instruction in French schools for the blind. Louis Braille died in 1852 in Paris from a lung disease.

How does the system work?

All letters of our alphabet are represented in Braille by a six-point system. The basic form of the system consists of two vertical rows of 3 points each. Variations are possible within this grid: from one to six points, left or right, top, center or bottom. The letters of Braille consist of a combination of these points: For example, a dot in the upper left column means "a". An additional dot in the middle of the left column signifies a "b".

Overall, the Braille font 64 different combinations are possible, so letters enough for all European alphabets. Meanwhile, the Braille font has been expanded to eight points; so that all computer characters can now be played back.

Braille - a "gateway" to the world

With the help of the Braille script, blind people can read so quickly that they can achieve great success without any bonus at the annual reading competition organized by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels. But writing is much more for the blind: in the age of computer and media technology, it is also the most important medium for information and education, but also for the independent guidance of one's own life.

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