Which is the largest joint of the body?

At every turn, it has to buffer about three times the body weight, when you climb a staircase, the value increases fivefold. This means that the load on the joint increases to 300 kilograms for a person weighing 60 kilograms! We are talking about the knee joint - an anatomical marvel for excellence. The largest joint of humans can carry in the short term even up to one and a half tons of weight. Without our knee joints, we could neither go nor sit down and certainly not jump around. To do all these movements, the knee joint consists of a sophisticated system of bones, ligaments, muscles, and cartilage. The knee joint is therefore also - rightly - referred to as the most complicated joint in the body.

Small anatomy

In the knee, three bones meet and form two compound articular surfaces the size of 2-cent pieces. These are the thighbone, the tibia and the kneecap. So that the ends of the bones do not rub against each other during a movement, the healthy joint has a cartilage substance on it. This acts simultaneously as a buffer and as a shock absorber.

Knees in danger

Every day we walk between 4000 and 6000 steps. The joints flex and stretch constantly. Because the knee is not a pure hinge joint, but also allows rotational movements, it is also particularly vulnerable. Danger for the joint threatens, if we are overweight, for lack of exercise, but also in bad positions, wrong footwear or excessive ambition in sports. Especially during sports occur - even outside the ski season - the most common knee injuries. The fact is that 300, 000 meniscus surgeries and 100, 000 cruciate ligament surgeries are performed annually in Germany. However, it is also true that every second German citizen, from the age of 35, has detectable arthrosis signs in his knee on an x-ray. To prevent osteoarthrosis, you should always make sure that the knee is properly loaded and properly trained during exercise. It is also important that one moves sufficiently and avoids overweight.
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