Which sport is right for me?

If you start a new sport, you should inform yourself in advance about the requirements. Be it the right equipment, the physical conditions, the fun or the fitness factor. Everyone needs the sport that suits them and compensates for their everyday life. Ambitious people should choose slower sports such as Nordic walking or swimming to relax. Other sports such. Badminton, tennis or beach volleyball in turn require a minimum of fitness and are therefore not suitable for people who have been inactive for many years. Here are some sports and the most important facts:

beach volleyball

  • For whom suitable? Not for couch potatoes and for sports beginners.
  • Fitness factor: Beach volleyball mainly trains strength, bounce and endurance.
  • Risk of injury: Depends on fitness condition.
  • Fun Factor: If you like action, athleticism and sociability, this is the place for you.


  • For whom suitable? Can also play with low fitness. Forward and backward movements are problematic for back patients.
  • Fitness factor: Badminton trains above all agility, endurance and responsiveness.
  • Risk of injury: In contrast to badminton low. Beware, however, in the backward movement!
  • Fun factor: Quite a sociable game, as long as the players level off in terms of performance.


  • For whom suitable? Many have previous knowledge of youth, so football is easy to learn.
  • Fitness factor: Above all, football trains speed, endurance and agility.
  • Risk of injury: Ball sports with body contact generally have a high risk of injury.
  • Fun Factor: High sociability factor.

to jog

  • For whom suitable? Anyone who is healthy can walk. Strong overweight is, however, on the joints.
  • Fitness factor: Jogging mainly trains the endurance and thus the cardiovascular system.
  • Risk of injury: Low if good footwear is used.
  • Fun Factor: Can be really relaxing. Even more attractive when it takes place in charming nature.

Nordic Walking

  • For whom suitable? Also suitable for sports beginners, but it is essential to have them instructed by a specialist.
  • Fitness factor: Nordic Walking is the main obstacle to perseverance, practically all muscles are moved.
  • Risk of injury: Extremely low, especially if poles and shoes are carefully selected.
  • Fun factor: Especially attractive in company and beautiful landscape.

To go biking

  • For whom suitable? You never forget it and the smooth movements protect the joints.
  • Fitness factor: Cycling mainly trains endurance and leg strength. The upper body muscles are a bit too short.
  • Risk of injury: Extremely low, especially when cycling.
  • Fun factor: On bike paths it is safer and usually more beautiful than on the road.


  • For whom suitable? Ideal sport for overweight and joint and back patients, because the body does not have to intercept shocks.
  • Fitness factor: Swimming mainly trains endurance, practically all muscles are in action. An intensive cardiovascular training.
  • Risk of injury: Hobby swimmers hardly risk of injury. Occasionally skin irritation from chlorine and other water additives.
  • Fun factor: really exciting, but the swim can be boring. Natural swimming pools are an alternative.


  • For whom suitable? Requires a sense of balance and wants to be learned. Roller skating experience is beneficial.
  • Fitness Factor: Skating trains coordination, stamina and leg strength.
  • Risk of injury: Relatively high risk of injury due to falls. Be sure to wear protective clothing.
  • Fun Factor: Can perform as slowly and relaxing as athletic and fast.


  • For whom suitable? Ideal for anyone who not only wants to do sports but also relax.
  • Fitness factor: Optimal effects for the cardiovascular system.
  • Risk of injury: hardly any risk of injury. Use sticks when going downhill.
  • Fun factor: Hiking goes by itself. A beautiful landscape does the rest.


  • For whom suitable? Can be learned even in advanced age. But best with a coach.
  • Fitness Factor: Tennis trains coordination, agility and endurance. Many muscles are in action.
  • Risk of injury: Stands and falls with the fitness state and the playing technique.
  • Fun factor: Varied. Ideal for competition types.


  • For whom suitable? Requires a good sense of balance. Beginners need a lot of practice and the best guidance.
  • Fitness factor: Windsurfing trains strength, coordination and endurance. The back should be healthy and muscular.
  • Risk of injury: Relatively low, as long as the technique is mastered.
  • Fun Factor: Can perform fast and dynamically as well as slow and relaxed.


  • For whom suitable? Requires already a certain fitness, not suitable for the sports novice.
  • Fitness factor: Water skiing mainly trains coordination and strength as well as practically all muscle groups.
  • Risk of injury: Beginners often feel muscle tension, otherwise low risk.
  • Fun factor: sport with a lot of action. Works with the cable car or the motorboat.
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