What is the role of saliva?

Our saliva does many indispensable things for our health. It moisturizes the food, at the same time facilitates swallowing and forms the first barrier in the mouth towards pathogens. Particularly important for dentists: The saliva neutralizes acids after eating or drinking and remineralises the enamel with its minerals. Because saliva contains all the mineral salts that harden the tooth enamel and at the same time can withstand acid attacks.

Protective function of saliva

No matter if it is a snack or a set meal: every time bacteria decompose the sugars contained in the food to acid. Tooth decay occurs because the tooth surface is attacked and demineralized by these acids.

Now, the natural protective function of saliva begins: the saliva dilutes the acids and breaks them down. But that's not all: saliva also promotes the reintegration (remineralization) of tooth-hardening minerals into the enamel, counteracting the development of tooth decay.

Did you know that ...

  • 300 different types of bacteria live in the oral cavity of a human?
  • 80 bacterial species in the oral cavity are responsible for unpleasant odors?
  • The causes of bad breath in about 85 percent of cases in the mouth and throat area lie?
  • Halitosis is an alarm signal of the body and can indicate serious diseases?
  • German citizens spend about 1 billion euros each year on oral care?
  • the first tongue scraper is already 4, 500 years old?
  • the tongue cleaning belongs to the morning ritual of Ayurvedic teaching?
  • An estimated 7 percent of Germans regularly clean their tongue?
  • Infants have about 10, 000 taste buds and thus a much finer palate than adults?
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