Prevent further miscarriages

Avoid further miscarriages

The success of further pregnancies depends crucially on the cause of the abortion. If these can be recognized and eliminated, nothing stands in the way of a successful pregnancy.

Investigate causes of abortion

  • If the woman has already had multiple premature births, the embryo is usually examined to clarify the cause of his premature death. In addition, it must be clarified whether the parents may have a hereditary disease. There are special genetic consultations for this purpose, which are usually carried out in university hospitals.
  • In some cases, hormonal imbalances can be identified as a cause that can be avoided if you are pregnant again. If, for example, the body does not produce enough luteal hormones, the lining of the uterus can not develop properly and can not hold the fruit. A weakness of the luteal hormone can be detected by blood tests and treated in advance of fertilization.
  • Vaginal infections can be detected in good time with the help of regular ph-value examinations. For this purpose, there are newly developed tests that can be performed at home: The pregnant woman controlled with a disposable glove, the pH in the vagina. If it detects an elevated level, the gynecologist should check if there is an infection.

Grief after miscarriage

Many women blame themselves for the miscarriage and torture themselves with reproaches. In most cases, the exact cause of the miscarriage can not be determined. Then a psychological care can be useful. However, it should be remembered that both parents suffer from the loss, often processing it only very differently. Together with the guilt feelings, this creates a potential for tension that can damage the relationship and complicate another successful pregnancy.

In any case, after a miscarriage parents should get involved in their grief and try to deal with it. Visiting a self-help group (eg Initiative Regenbogen) and meeting parents who are also affected can be helpful.

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