Menopause (climacteric): Alternative treatment

Alternative treatment of alternating years complaints

Although women are on average satisfied with medical care, there is one exception: counseling and offering alternative therapies and remedies to treat menopausal symptoms. Nearly a third of women in this area are dissatisfied with their doctor's services. During their regular practice, physicians often can not afford to respond to the special needs of women in menopause. Therefore, complementary offers must be created that meet the need of women for individual, medically competent, holistic counseling and care.

As different as the causes of menopausal symptoms are, so many are the solutions. These depend on the type and severity of the symptoms, risk factors for osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases, pre-existing conditions and which alternative treatment the woman prefers or dislikes.

The most important success factor is to make women aware that they are responsible for their own health and can do something for themselves. Recommendations for a conscious lifestyle, ie to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and avoid stress, should therefore be the basis of all therapeutic approaches. A healthy and wholesome diet can not only help alleviate discomfort but also prevent osteoporosis or heart disease.


Physical activity is just as beneficial: swimming or cycling for 30 minutes two or three times a week relieves hot flashes and sweats, boosts the immune system and improves sleep. Sport helps against many side effects of menopause. Thus, the muscles and the connective tissue can be tightened, the bone metabolism stimulated and the obesity can be prevented. Through a lot of movement, the degradation processes in the organism can be slowed down. However, before engaging in physical activity, you should undergo a medical examination to determine your exercise capacity.


Numerous possibilities from the fields of naturopathy and conventional medicine relieve the vegetative complaints. The focus is on alternative methods such as phytoestrogens and plant preparations. But also homeopathic remedies and orthomolecular medicine bring the desired relief.

  • The doctor may prescribe estrogen-containing medications that relieve the symptoms.
  • Sage tea inhibits perspiration and can be used against the unpleasant hot flashes.
  • Changing foot baths help against circulatory problems, insomnia or hypertension: The feet 5 minutes in warm water, 30 seconds in cold water, 5 minutes of warm water; then put in cold water again for 30 seconds. Dab off your feet and put on warm wool socks!
  • A healthy, balanced diet and intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is particularly important in this phase of life.

Herbal medicines

Today, herbal medicines are also available for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. Phytotherapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of immediate reactions after elimination of estrogen production such as sweating, hot flashes and dizziness.

  • Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) has the greatest importance in the treatment of climacteric complaints. The menopausal symptoms usually improve after a period of use of 4 to 6 weeks. Incidentally, medicines containing the active ingredient of black cohosh can also be taken together with hormone preparations, since no corresponding interactions or contraindications are known.
  • In addition to Cimicifuga, St. John's wort (Hyperici herba) plays an important role in the treatment of mental symptoms. It fixes anxiety and tension as well as depressive moods. The effect begins only after about one to two weeks. When taking St. John's wort, especially in fair-skinned persons intensive sun exposure due to a possible photosensitizing effect should be avoided.


Also homeopathic remedies are used successfully in the treatment of climacteric complaints, most commonly Acidum sulfuricum, Aristolochia, Cimicifuga, Lachesis or Sepia. An initial aggravation of the symptoms does not have to occur, but on the other hand is a good sign for the therapy and means that the appropriate remedy has been found for the patient.

Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach flower therapy causes a psychological harmonization between the core of the patient and his daily behavior on the personality level. The selection of the flowers takes place depending on the state of mind of the patient. By contrast, physical symptoms are irrelevant.

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