What to do for knee pain?

What to do for knee pain? If you experience knee pain while jogging or falling, stop exercising immediately and cool the knee with an ice pack. Put your knees up and move as little as possible. Under no circumstances should you continue to exercise despite knee pain.

In addition, you can treat the aching knees with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory ointment. Also deposits, support bandages or physiotherapy can help alleviate the discomfort.

When should you go to the doctor

After a few days of rest, knee pain often disappears by itself, but conservative treatment is not always sufficient. If the symptoms do not improve or there are heavy swellings, you should definitely consult a doctor and have their knees examined. This is especially true when the knee pain also occur at rest and standing and walking is only possible with pain.

If the pain in the knee repeatedly occurs, so that they are considered chronic, it must be checked whether the pain actually has its cause in the knee. In part, even problems in the hip joint or irritated nerve cells in the spinal cord can lead to knee pain.

In addition, there are many other causes that can lead to knee pain, so you should consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Prevent knee pain: tips and tricks

A painful knee injury is usually difficult to prevent. However, knee pain caused by bad stress can be prevented with a few simple tricks:

  • Buy new running shoes regularly and find out what kind of running shoes you need through treadmill analysis.
  • In case of pronounced leg deformities, it may also be useful to wear special insoles in the running shoe.
  • If you go jogging regularly, be sure to walk on a soft surface, such as on a forest floor. This measure protects the joints.
  • Regularly perform stretching and stabilization exercises to compensate for possible shortening and imbalance. Find a physiotherapist who can identify potential imbalances and recommend appropriate exercises.
  • If you are overweight, try reducing your weight a little - this will relieve your knees. In case of heavy obesity you should choose joint-saving sports such as swimming, cycling or Nordic walking.
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