What do I emit?

Facial expression and posture are inseparable. Researchers at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands have found this out. In the perception of a human, the brain can not separate the emotional expression of the face and posture. And not even if the viewer focuses specifically on the facial expressions. The scientists showed subjects images in which facial expression and body language did not match. Already within 115 milliseconds, the brain recognized the contradiction. Conversely, this means that the emotional "moodiness" of a person always has an effect on his posture. For example, if the soul is out of balance, even a pathological posture may develop in the long term.

Depression physically visible

Chronic mental upsets such as depression can be expressed physically by retracted shoulders and a crooked back. The affected person is practically small, withdraws into himself, the breathing is flat. A protective function! It is clear that one can no longer breathe freely and deeply with such a posture and that the voice does not unfold. A vicious circle that must be broken, because the physical state in turn affects the soul.

For example, to bring about a change, it is about straightening up the body, relaxing the muscles, clearing one's voice and exercising a healthy breathing. Many people are also "expression-shy", so do not dare to gesticulate and speak with a straight face; mostly to hide their feelings. But also the expression of the feelings is part of an authentic charisma.

Possibilities of body work

  • Voice Training: Speaking is a holistic process that involves breathing, body and voice. Vocal training is a way to get to know your voice better, use it more gently and effectively, and improve your voice performance. In addition, one can experience how an unfolded, powerful voice reacts to the psychic sensation.
  • Respiratory Therapy: Techniques are learned to improve exhalation and inhalation and to teach the person to breathe more consciously. As a result, he can relax better, the body perception is improved, muscle tension released and reduced stress.
  • Acting lessons: A way to train the physical / mental expression and to go more out of yourself.
  • Autogenic training
  • yoga
  • Pilates

By the way, research confirms that when we listen to someone, 55 percent of us pay attention to gestures, facial expressions, posture and movement, 38 percent to voice and tone, and only 7 percent to content. It does not necessarily mean that we are superficially perceived. The investigation also shows that we are seen holistically by our fellow human beings, as a unity of body, mind and soul; Elements of humans that influence each other mutually.

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