What are Tendovaginitis and Tendinitis?

Tendovaginitis comes from tendon = tendon, vagina = vagina and -itis = inflammation: tendonitis. Tendinitis is the inflammation of a tendon and tendovaginitis is the inflammation of the tendon sheath, usually triggered by over-exertion or friction in repeated monotonous movements. Classics include Typewriter writing or sports such as tennis or basketball. The resulting inflammation causes thickening of the tendon or narrowing of the tendon sheath.

Tendovaginitis on the wrist

Normally, the tendons move smoothly in their sheath, the tendon sheath. As a result of the inflammation, the tendons no longer slide without resistance during movement - causing pain, redness and swelling. Tendovaginitis most commonly occurs on the wrist, on the extensor tendons of the fingers and the back of the foot.

In the treatment with cold or heat, anti-inflammatory agents or immobilization usually resolve the complaints. Nevertheless, there are often new problems in the same place.

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