What can one do with injuries?

Disinfect wounds properly

Wait until the bleeding stops, clean dirty debris with lukewarm tap water (or even mineral water) without touching it with your finger.

You can disinfect with marigold essence (ratio 1: 5 mix with warm water) or a disinfectant. Then cover the wound germ-free with a bandage ("plaster") or a gauze compress, which you attach with a sticking plaster.

Do not forget to change the bandage once or twice a day to see if the wound heals or becomes inflamed - signs of redness, warming, swelling and pain around the wound.

By the way, you can take 3-5 drops of Rescue Remedy (Bach flowers) or give it to your child; to support healing the homeopathic remedy Arnica D12 (in the first hour 5 globules every 10 minutes, then every hour).

Tips for wound care

  • Abrasions: If stones, sand or small pieces of wood can not be rinsed with water, use tweezers. Homeopathic Calendula D12 (5 globules 2-stdl., From the 2nd day 3 times daily).
  • Square, crushed, lacerated wounds: You can provide small wounds (up to ½ centimeter) to yourself. Sometimes pushing helps to stop the bleeding faster. Dab the wound with a clean cloth and tie the wound edges with staple plaster without tension. Homeopathic Calendula D12 (5 globules 2-stdl., From the 2nd day 3 times daily).
  • You can clean a small bite wound with a soap solution (core soap), then cover it with a sterile cover - with the slightest signs of inflammation you should consult the doctor (for larger or deeper bites anyway). Homeopathic Ledum D12 (5 granules 2-hr., From the 2nd day 3 times daily).
  • Cuts: Smaller, clean cuts provide you with the same; for larger or those with limited mobility z. B. the finger, go to the doctor. Homeopathic Staphysagria D12 (5 globules 2-stdl., From the 2nd day 3 times daily).
  • Splinters, stingers: Pull them out with pointed tweezers, sometimes this works better if you soak the affected body part for a quarter of an hour in a warm soapy bath. Another tip: Apply ointment and plaster on it - try again the next day. Does not help anything, the doctor has ran. Silicea D12 (5 globules 2 times a day) helps with homeopathy.

Attention: Regardless of whether an injury is big or small - a tetanus is always possible. Therefore, a vaccine against this infection is important for children and adults! So do not forget the booster dose. And seek the doctor if you are not sure about your current protection status.

What should be at hand in a medicine cabinet

  • Means for wound disinfection
  • Wound ointment, gel for burns (mostly available in combination with insect bites)
  • Cooling pillow (keep in the fridge)
  • Assortment of dressings: sterile compresses, gauze bandages, wound healing bandage (plaster), fixation plaster, disposable gloves, elastic bandages, triangular cloth for immobilizing joints
  • small scissors, tweezers for removing foreign bodies
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