What is lumbago?

Behind this melodious name hides an annoying pain that can strike us completely unprepared. This pain is the well-known lumbago. Derived from Latin Lumbago means lumbar palsy (from lat. Lumbago = lumbar palsy).

Disease picture Lumbago

Sudden stabbing pain in the lumbar region is typical of the lumbago. The discomfort may occasionally radiate, but then more towards the rib cage. By too much pain, those affected instinctively take a posture in which they feel the slightest pain, which leads to the typical stiffness of the posture.

Wear of the spine and intervertebral disc

The lumbago is usually triggered by a certain movement (for example, stooping, lifting a heavy load, standing up from a stooped posture). But even cold, wet or draft can precede. The causes are usually signs of wear and tear of the spine and the intervertebral disc.

But also tension of the back musculature can lead to the typical pain in the area of ​​the lumbar spine. These are usually caused by a lack of exercise, overweight, too much sitting or even stress and overloading by heavy physical work or one-sided rigid movements. But the soul also plays a role, because mental stress and stress can cause muscle tension in the back and thus prepare the ground for a lumbago.

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