What is an Easterbilby?

The Osterbilby is in Australia the replacement for the Easter bunny known to us. In the 19th century, hares were abandoned by European immigrants as a later hunting prey in the Australian bush. There, however, they quickly became a plague due to their proliferation and posed a threat to Australia's nature and agriculture.

Bilbies instead of bunnies

For several years, now the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation (Australian Nature Conservation Association) tried to replace the hare because of its bad reputation by the native Bilby according to the motto "bilbies, not bunnies".

This rabbit-nose-bag-warbler (Macrotis lagotis) with large ears and soft fur is threatened with extinction in Australia, but is supposed to distribute the Easter eggs instead of the Easter bunny. To this end, they initiate a ceremony every year, in which the Easter bunny presents Bilby the Easter eggs for the fifth continent.

Chocolate biscuits have been sold in many supermarkets since 1993, with part of the proceeds benefiting the protection of the endangered species. This money will be used to maintain and fence over a 14-square-kilometer area of ‚Äč‚Äčindigenous wildlife to protect the animals from wild diseases and unwelcome predators such as cats and foxes. There, the Bilby population is to increase again under constant observation and research.

Easter in Australia

Down under is celebrated from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Good Friday is the only day of the year when all business is closed. Even newspapers are not available on this day. Almost all Australians go to church over Easter and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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