What is the child schema?

The childish schema goes back to the Austrian behavioral scientist Konrad Lorenz. He has studied the shape of young and older animals of the same species and found that animals on certain key stimuli such. B. react to the childish schema.

We humans too respond to given patterns of nature

It is vital for a baby that it has a caregiver, as it depends on caring for adults during the first years of life because of its need for help. Certain characteristics of the newborn trigger in adults love and affection - the important protector instinct - as well as a caring behavior towards the baby. This is for us all: Who does not like looking in a stroller and says: Oh, that's cute.

Characteristics of the child schema

The child schema is a combination of traits that trigger the hatchery in humans. It is mainly the body proportions that cause certain instinctive behaviors. To the childish appearance belong:

  • big eyes
  • a big head in relation to the rest of the body
  • a small body shape and short thick extremities
  • a high bulging forehead
  • Chubby cheeks and patschhändchen.

The scheme works not only on infants and toddlers, but also on animals or objects that correspond to the child schema. Advertising has therefore taken advantage of this scheme. Thus, in all children's rooms in the world plush toys, animated cartoon and cartoon characters with these design features.

Characteristic behaviors

In addition to physical characteristics, infants gain the ability to act in the first few months of life, such as the social smile, in order to actively build relationships with other people. This ensures emotional attachment to the parents, the so-called "attachment".

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