What is dysmorphophobia?

The word comes from the Greek of dys = miss, morphe = shape, outward appearance, phobios = fear, fear, that is, the " fear of deformity ". Dysmorphophobia is a mental illness in which people are severely disfigured. At the same time the alleged lack for others is hardly or not at all noticeable. Due to their fear, dysmorphophics constantly check the supposed defect - at least one hour a day. 35 percent even think about it for more than eight hours a day. They constantly check themselves in the mirror, have the feeling of being stared at by everyone and are constantly thinking about things like: how does my environment find me or why do I only have this flaw? The whole everyday life revolves around the alleged deficient appearance, at some point compulsive behaviors occur.

Self-insecurity and inferiority feelings

Dysmorphophics experience themselves as extremely unattractive, disfigured or ugly. The joie de vivre dwindles more and more, new fears such as the fear of a relationship come to it. Those affected often fall into depression. Often they do not dare to leave the house anymore and withdraw more and more from social life. For other people, these behaviors are incomprehensible because they do not know the reason and can not understand. Whether protruding teeth or X-legs - everything can be felt as a defect. Wrinkles in the face, the shape of the nose or mouth, thin hair in men, thick thighs - the list could be continued indefinitely.

Affected by dysmorphophobia

People between the ages of 15 and 30 are most often affected; Men and women in equal parts. The background of such a disorder has not yet revealed much that this mental illness leads to sustainable social, occupational and other impairments, but everyone is making sense. Those who suffer from dysmorphophobia can usually not get rid of themselves without medical help. Psychotherapeutic treatment can help eliminate the disorder.

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