What is the PECH rule?

In case of acute injuries, the best PECH rule should be used, as it is precisely the first few minutes after an accident that are crucial in order to minimize the consequences for the person concerned.

The PECH rule is an easy to remember rule for sports injuries and consists of the following measures:

  • P = pause
  • E = ice
  • C = compression
  • H = high camps

P = pause

S off with sports stop. The injured body should be immobilized and no longer moved unnecessarily to limit internal bleeding and swelling and to prevent injuries from getting worse.

E = ice

Then cool the injured area with ice (do not use ice spray). If there is no ice nearby, you can also use running cold water or cold compresses. The ice causes by the constriction of the blood vessels, a reduction of bleeding and swelling - it can no longer leak more blood, the affected body part swells no further.

C = compression

The next step is to apply a pressure bandage with moderate tension. Compressing the tissue will reduce further bleeding. The compression should be used together with the cooling if possible.

H = high altitude

The injured body region should be higher than the heart so that blood from the injured region can flow venously to the heart. This causes the swelling and associated pain to diminish. Also in the further course of the treatment it makes sense to regularly store the injured body part.

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