What is the difference between Burnout and Boreout?

Everyone knows the feeling of exhaustion and exhaustion. In many people, this is a consequence, caused by stress, eg. At work. In some people, this leads to the so-called burnout syndrome. But what if the opposite happens? The work does not become synonymous with stress but boredom.

What is burnout?

Burnout is caused by strong persistent mental and physical pressure. The patient does not feel able to bring about positive changes in his life. He sees no solution for improving or establishing his mental balance, which causes a feeling of helplessness and can go into self-abandonment. Often the phase of heavy burden is followed by the will to change that situation. But this can lead to renewed exhaustion, because the person in the change phases is overburdening himself.

Burnout causes symptoms such as tiredness, exhaustion, diminished resilience and frustration. There are also signs of irritability, depression, sleep disturbances and pain, especially in the shoulders. An exact timeframe of when therapies succeed can not be named because it is patient-dependent. There are also a variety of treatment methods.

What is Boreout?

The term Boreout refers to the dissatisfaction in the workplace, caused by permanent boredom or monotony. The reason for this is usually the lack of absorption in one's own job, due to an unsuitable working environment or an unsuitable career choice. Interestingly, the permanent stress load causes the same symptoms as the burnout syndrome. The three main elements of the Boreout syndrome are:

  • Underemployment, because the employee wants to do more than is required of him.
  • Disinterest, in this case the person concerned loses any interest in his tasks.
  • Boredom, in this case, the sufferer is completely helpless and listless, because he does not know how to handle the situation.

Often it comes to those affected to behavioral strategies that pretend employment. Paradoxically, affected people use these strategies to prolong their situation rather than to make an improvement.

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