What helps against heartache?

At least once in a lifetime, it affects everyone, regardless of age, gender or education level: lovesickness. What helps against the pain of separation and when is psychological help appropriate?

Overcome the heartache

Psychologist York Scheller, health expert at TK, gives tips:

  • In the first phase after the breakup usually the disappointment and anger over the destroyed love predominates. Now it feels good to let his feelings run wild. Just do not eat everything: screaming and crying can work wonders! It frees and relieves the troubled soul. It also helps to confide in the best friend or girlfriend and to pour out his heart.
  • After a few days you should start to distract yourself. Now something must be done actively against the pain. "Get out of your own four walls" is the motto. Whether at sports, in the disco or a nice meal with good friends - the main thing the thoughts do not constantly revolve around the former partner.
  • A broken heart takes time to heal. This can take a long time, depending on the duration and intensity of the relationship. If you feel that the separation pain has been processed, you can begin to look around for a new partner. It requires patience, because as you know, love can not be forced. It usually happens when you least expect it.

In bad cases seek help

Sometimes the pain is so deep that all the distraction and caring of friends and family does not help. If you increasingly isolate yourself, neglect your work, no longer eat properly or even have suicidal thoughts, you need professional help. It is best to head for the doctor of his trust in the first step.

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