What birch water does for the health

Birch water - also known as birch sap - is understood to mean a sweetish-tasting liquid, which is obtained predominantly from the stem, but also from the thicker branches or the roots of the birch. The healing power of birch water has been used for many centuries. Currently, the birch water is rediscovered with its valuable ingredients, because the juice is easy to win and mostly to enjoy side effects. In Russia or Northern China, the birch sap is still being tapped directly from the birch tree. It is fermented to birch wine.

Effect of birch water

The birch water is said to have a number of health-promoting properties that have not yet been scientifically researched. The interest in the new trend product is only now reaching the general interest. However, some positive effects are already proven.

Birch sap has always been won by peoples in Europe, America and the East. The knowledge of our ancestors to medicinal herbs and remedies from nature is very comprehensive. So too the juice of the birch.

Full of healthy ingredients

The birch sap is obtained by drilling the trunk or branch in the spring, usually in April. After half an hour, a glass is filled, the juice can be pure drink. A birch produces up to 200 liters in one year. As the fluid is used to supply nutrients to the tree, it contains:

  • amino acids
  • Iron and potassium
  • Calcium and magnesium
  • Sodium and phosphorus
  • Proteins and zinc
  • vitamin C
  • saponins

Saponins are precursors of sugar. They promote the intake of substances from the intestine (so they are less suitable for people with intestinal inflammation, as toxins should not get into the blood) and even have a reputation for preventing colon cancer. In addition, birch sap contains fructose and glucose as well as sometimes sucrose and arabinose.

100 milliliters of birch water contain only about 5 calories (kcal). Therefore, birch sap becomes interesting as a drink for all people who pay attention to their weight. If coconut juice was in high demand so far, birch sap could run out of rank. However, depending on the manufacturer, birch sap may contain artificial sugar supplements, so that the calorie content can also be significantly higher.

Birch sap: Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying

Overall, birch water is considered anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering. It should also have made a name as a hormone stimulant, cellulite opponents and detoxifiers. It should also help against blemishes, anemia, gout and rheumatism. The juice can stimulate the kidney and bile activity and at the same time expel the spring fatigue.

Even patients with diabetes can benefit from birch sap. However, it should not be drunk on severe kidney problems. When kidney gries turn, the juice can help.

Birch water is said to help with hair loss

According to ancient belief, birch water strengthens the immune system and helps against hair loss. The application as a hair product works very easy by the hair or the scalp are rubbed. Also, head and hair can be washed with the juice.

Birch water is said to be effective against eczema and can therefore reduce the formation of dandruff. It is available in many shampoos, but a centered application is considered more effective.

Health from nature

The products available on the market are made from processed birch sap: it is either sterilized or pasteurized after collection. That makes him more durable. Even with the addition of sugar and citric acid, birch water lasts longer, pure it spoils after a few days. Often it is processed into syrup or jelly.

Hardly anyone has to worry about birch water side effects. The refreshing drink is definitely a delicious thirst quencher with lots of healthy ingredients.

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