Why is so much tomato juice drunk on the plane?

There is no clear explanation for the sudden desire for the tomato drink at 10, 000 meters altitude. But it seems to be an international phenomenon. Surprisingly, almost all airlines have tomato juice in their offer. On the other hand, the tomato juice on the shelves of supermarkets is often a shelf warmer.

How does this phenomenon come about?

There are various theories, but none of them has been proven

  • On the plane, the taste perception of the tongue changes - the taste buds are less sensitive at an altitude of 10, 000 meters. This affects the flavor of food.
  • Since on many flights only trifles are served, tomato juice is also popular because it is nutritious and a satiety.
  • The counterfeiting effect: When a passenger asks for tomato juice, the next one wants it too. So it could be that not a few have developed the drinking of tomato juice to a solid ritual, according to the motto: Sitting on the plane, I order myself a tomato juice.
  • Flying is more of a boring business. One drinks a tomato juice longer than an orange juice - so you also expel the time.

The fact is ...

Three percent of the total annual sales are drunk above the clouds. In the case of orange juice, the proportion in the aircraft is only about 0.4 percent.

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