Why our feet need foot care

What is it: two arches that form a triangle and consist of 26 parts? Of course, the foot! This miracle of biomechanics helps us in a double pack, to safely walk upright, to keep our balance and to carry our entire weight through life every day. On average, in the course of his life, man orbits around the earth four times.

Feet need care

In addition to 26 individual bones, one foot has 22 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. That's how our feet withstand about 450 kilograms of pressure during each normal step.

But for their proper cooperation, we must treat our feet with care. Especially important: suitable footwear! Many people squeeze their feet into shoes that are rather small. In addition, most shoes conform to current fashion codes, but not the natural foot shape. Synthetic material also damages the feet.

Foot problems due to unsuitable shoes

If you wear the wrong shoes, you will have problems with:

  • unpleasant corneal thickening and corns
  • Sweaty feet and fungal infections
  • Infections of the nail bed
  • torn cornea
  • ingrown toe nails

Shoes have to fit

When buying a shoe, you should therefore pay attention not primarily to brand and color, but to ensure that the shoe fits well. It helps to move the shoe purchase late in the afternoon or evening because the feet have already done much of their daily work and are well supplied with blood through the movement. In addition: If you sit a lot and tend to swollen feet, avoid trying on too tight shoes at evening fitting.

In addition, you should always try on both shoes and focus especially on the fit of the left shoe. Due to the pumping power of the heart on the left side of the body, in many people the left foot is slightly thicker than the right one. While the difference in the mere consideration hardly noticeable, he makes himself felt when buying shoes.

5 tips to buy shoes

Get the following tips for a healthy footwear when buying a shoe:

  • Try on new shoes in the afternoons or evenings.
  • Always try on both shoes - note that the left foot is usually a bit thicker.
  • Do not wear new, unused shoes for more than half an hour.
  • Check feet for signs of pressure after use. For bruises that are still red after about ten minutes, the shoes must be widened in the appropriate places.
  • For children: Do not buy shoes too small or too big. It is best to measure the foot precisely, as the inside length of the same size and different shoes often varies considerably. Shoe sizes therefore only provide an approximate guideline. Pay attention to the right width - many manufacturers give this in addition.
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