Why can some people wag their ears?

Nina is the celebrated star at every birthday party: she can not only make great faces, she can also wave her ears. What is presented today for entertainment at celebrations and festivals, and dominated by very few, was in ancient times an important survival tool for all mammals, to which we humans belong generically.


In times when people were still hunters and gatherers, living in the wild and hunting daily, the ears of our ancestors were mobile. This allowed them to locate noises and possible dangers while hunting. Over the millennia, this ability has regressed. The ear muscles that are responsible for this movement are hardly pronounced. We no longer need this ability in today's civilization society.

Everyone can exercise ear wobbling

Yet, few people have the ability to wiggle their ears. In animals, such as dogs and rabbits, one can still observe these abilities. They often "prick" their ears, set them up and turn them in different directions to hear the call of the master or sounds in the forest quickly. But every man has remnants of these "ear wobbling muscles". So even non-ear wobblers can train them.

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