Why do men only listen halfway?

While she's talking on the phone with her friend, she can at the same time wrap the child, make coffee and effortlessly put a samba on the parquet with her broomstick. He sits in front of the TV, seesaw at most his foot in time. The sentence "Honey, please bring the garbage down!" bounces off him without reaction. He never really listens properly. His brain just creates one after the other.


Women, on the other hand, can do several things at once, because in their brains there are many more connecting fibers between the two halves. That's why women can talk and listen at the same time. This is also the reason why women are often referred to as "lab bags" or "gossip women" because the male message need is significantly reduced; Men are rather lazy.

A thesis: A woman talks to nurture relationships. Men speak to convey facts. Another possible reason: Men may focus on the essence of the message, while women develop more imagination as they listen.

Scientifically proven

When men listen, only half of the brain is active. Their language center is limited to the left, the rational brain - the half that is responsible for the logic. Only there is the information being processed processed. That's what researchers from Indiana University in Chicago found out.

When women talk, the right brain, the emotional brain, is also active. In addition, US studies have shown that women make about twice as many words per day as men. Women speak about 23, 000 words a day, men only about half.

But the silence at the end of the day has a concrete reason: If a man puts his feet up after a stressful working day and processes the day with his right brain, his left brain, which he needs to listen to and talk to, temporarily ceases to operate.

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